Diwa writes about her Work Experience as part of the “Risers Programme”

My name is Diwa. I’m 18 years old and I came to the UK from Afghanistan about a year ago.

There is a big difference between life in Afghanistan and the UK. The lifestyle is very different here.

I needed work experience but I couldn’t find any, until I heard about Breadwinners. I’m very grateful to Breadwinners as they helped me a lot to get work experience. I’m very happy with the work that I’m doing here and feel very lucky.

When I first started my work experience it was very hard for me. But as I started to learn and understand the work, I found confidence in myself.

If you guys want to find work experience too, get in touch with Breadwinners. They are very kind and helpful people and they will help you a lot!

Thank you Breadwinners for everything!  Diwa 🍞