We partner with organic bakeries who share our vision for good bread and societal change.

We buy the bread at cost price and use the market stall profits to support our Breadwinners. Contact us, if you are a Bakery or know of one who might like to partner with us then.

The Snapery

The idea to start The Snapery was borne out of a pure love of sourdough. In 2014, the simple act of baking breads for friends led to the launch of a bakery.

Supplying a number of restaurants in Bermondsey and beyond, this passion project now helps to fuel local businesses and charities alike.

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Celtic Bakers

Celtic Bakers currently provides over 400 loaves a week to our two market stalls in East London.

Here is what they have to say:

“We are an organic, artisan bakery in North London. We lovingly hand-craft each loaf, cake and pastry using experience, natural ingredients, and most importantly, time. We pride ourselves on our long-fermentation process, taking our time with each loaf to create a wonderful flavour. Caring for the environment and creating a sustainable existence are integral to the Celtic Bakers; the provenance of our ingredients matters to us, and we pride ourselves on having developed strong relationships over the years with suppliers who share our values and ethos”.

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The Dusty Knuckle

Dusty Knuckle Co-funder Max Tobias had spent years working with young people caught up in serious youth violence, and had been quietly nurturing a lifelong obsession with bread-making.

In 2014, from an empty shipping container in Hackney, The Dusty Knuckle Bakery was born. In 2018 moved into a permanent space, home of the exceptional bread, made with the best organic ingredients they can find.

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GAIL's Bakery

‘We believe everybody deserves to enjoy good bread every single day. That’s why we bake sourdough for neighbourhoods in and around London — insisting on the finest ingredients, tending to our decades-old starters, and following traditional methods passed down over hundreds of years. We bake by hand with natural ingredients, and whilst we are ordinary people, we want to make extraordinary things’.

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Charity Partners

We take referrals from leading refugee charities.


Funding Partners

Some organisations that make our work possible.

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