Our Work

Breadwinners is an ambitious grassroots charity set up in 2016.

Since June 2017, we employ refugees who sell the highest quality organic bread on farmer’s markets across London.

Our focus now is to couple our successful market stall model with a work experience and mentoring support for young unaccompanied people seeking asylum. These are children who left behind their families to seek refuge in the UK and look for a fresh start.



Support refugees who already have status and are struggling to find work with their first employment in UK, references, networks and entrepreneurship opportunities to independently sustain themselves and progress.  

Breadwinners is ideal for those who haven't had official work experience in the UK yet, or are struggling to find work and are eager to start working or setting up your own small or medium sized food, catering or retail business in the UK.



Provide early intervention support for young people (16-24yrs old) seeking asylum to build transferable skills, grow their networks, gain UK work experience, and progress through mentoring so they are better integrated and prepared to gain employment when they receive status.

We are currently supporting 7 young people on our Risers Programme, we run it every 2 months.

We look for Volunteer Mentors to support a young person to deliver employability skills.


What makes Breadwinners unique is that, in contrast to most common charities, we invest funding to set up markets stalls which sustain themselves from bread sales, we contribute to the economy, and is easy to scale. We want to use this model as a platform to tackle negative refugee bias in UK.


Want to learn more?

Refugees in the UK suffer from a high level of unemployment, due to lack of in-country experience and connections, in addition to legal constraints and a general bias against refugees.

50% of Refugees between 18-34 yrs struggle to find work, despite searching for 21 months.

Asylum support from the UK government is £35.15 per person a week, almost 50% less than income support entitled to any other UK resident. While on asylum claim and till they are granted status, they are not allowed to work.

Breadwinners Proposal.

Through our Markets Stalls Project, Breadwinners plays an important role with their two programmes:


By managing the market stalls, serving customers, registering the till, creating marketing campaigns, explaining our mission, attending trainings and mentoring sessions, refugees gain transferable skills and feel proud and useful, contributing to improving their wellbeing and integration to society as active members. As a wider benefit, partners, customers and volunteers gain understanding and feel positive about contributing to end negative bias against refugees in UK.

Our next steps for 2019.

In 2019, our aim is to expand our market stalls from 4 to a total of 8, and employ a total of 16 refugees. With the objective for each market stall to be self-sustainable within a month, meaning bread sales profits cover investment, running costs and provide a stream of income for the charity to support further programmes.

Alongside, we want to develop a volunteer work experience and mentoring programme to help 4 cohorts of 7 young unaccompanied asylum seekers (28 in total per year) with the necessary skills, references, network, mentoring support and mental well-being for when they are granted refugee status and are able to work. We will be using the platform of market stalls, partners, and volunteers to have an even bigger impact, extending our beneficiaries from refugees allowed to work, to include young asylum seekers which are not, and helping the community to gain a better understanding of the issue.