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95% of people in London buy bread everyday. Wouldn’t it be great if all these sales could somehow help the most vulnerable in society?

Breadwinners is a grass roots charity with a no-brainer model to make this a reality. We provide training and jobs for refugees across our London farmers market stalls. This gives our Breadwinners a safe and supportive place to work, where they can really build their confidence, learn new skills and get the experience they need to get a good job or set up a business so they can have a much deserved fresh start! 

  1. BREADWINNERS PROGRAMME. Support refugees who already have status and are struggling to find work with their first employment in UK, references, networks and entrepreneurship opportunities to independently sustain themselves and progress.  

  2. RISERS PROGRAMME. Provide early intervention support for young people (16-24yrs old) seeking asylum to build transferable skills, grow their networks, gain UK work experience, and progress through mentoring so they are better integrated and prepared to gain employment when they receive status.

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Refugees have extraordinary potential as employees, entrepreneurs, and members of local communities. Through Breadwinners they can use their skills and enthusiasm to sell artisan, organic bread, build a much deserved fresh start, feel positive about their role in the community, and use the opportunity as an important step forward in their lives.

Our Markets

Get our fresh artisan bread at Primrose Hill, Chelsea Partridges, Chatsworth Road or Victoria Park Markets.

Explore and visit our Markets during the weekend.

Our Partners

The support of our partners is essential for our work, we couldn't make it without them: Bakeries, Refugee Charities and Funding Partners.

Meet all our Partners and become one.


Diwa writes about her Work Experience as part of the “Risers Programme”

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