THANKs so much!! we exceeded our BIg Give Xmas Challenge target!


One Donation, Twice the Impact…

We have some fantastic news - Thanks to your support and kind donations we have exceeded our Christmas Big Give target total of £4,000 and maximized all available “match” funding (duplicating donations)!

We can’t believe how quickly your generous donations have come in to help refugees and people seeking asylum to become Breadwinners and gain their first job in the UK. Thank you so much!!

We will be using these funds to buy the equipment for 2 new market stalls, train and support at least 3 Breadwinners (Refugees working part time) and 16 Risers (Young people seeking asylum with work experience) per year. What makes these donations unique is that we use it as an investment that will help many people in the future! We have a charitable business model that generates value (Sales of bread!) and 100% of the profit goes back into generating more opportunities!!



Using our loaves to empower unemployed refugees into supportive work through our Artisan bread stalls across London’s best markets.


Fresh bread, Fresh start.

95% of people in London buy bread everyday. Wouldn’t it be great if all these sales could somehow help the most vulnerable in society?

Breadwinners is a grass roots charity with a no-brainer model to make this a reality. We provide training and jobs for refugees across our London farmers market stalls. This gives our Breadwinners a safe and supportive place to work, where they can really build their confidence, learn new skills and get the experience they need to get a good job or set up a business so they can have a much deserved fresh start! 

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50% of refugees between the age of 18 and 34 struggle to find any work, despite searching on average for 21 months.

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"We work with the most motivated, driven and reliable people...They just happen to be refugees."

—Martin Cosarinsky, Director of Breadwinners 

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