Breadwinners Stories

Get to know the stories of the people behind Breadwinners markets stalls.

We empower refugees through entrepreneurship, employment, work experience, training and mentoring whilst providing Londoners with the best organic artisan bread.

Diwa working at the Breadwinners stall.

Diwa working at the Breadwinners stall.

Diwa writes about her Work Experience as part of the “Risers Programme”

My name is Diwa. I’m 18 years old and I came to the UK from Afghanistan about a year ago. There is a big difference between life in Afghanistan and the UK. The lifestyle is very different here.

I needed work experience but I couldn’t find any, until I heard about Breadwinners. I’m very grateful to Breadwinners as they helped me a lot to get work experience. I’m very happy with the work that I’m doing here and feel very lucky.

When I first started my work experience it was very hard for me. But as I started to learn and understand the work, I found confidence in myself.

If you guys want to find work experience too, get in touch with Breadwinners. They are very kind and helpful people and they will help you a lot!

Thank you Breadwinners for everything!  

Diwa 🍞

Ahmed and Martin selling bread.

Ahmed and Martin selling bread.

Supporting refugees one loaf of bread at a time

How can bread help refugees settle in the UK? By providing them with bread so that they can survive on a daily basis, you would think… No, it’s by giving them the opportunity to sell organic artisan bread at markets all around London. This is the main idea behind Breadwinners, a charity set up in 2016. Breadwinners aims to use the potential of talented refugees to build up their work experience and enter employment once they’ve been granted refugee status and therefore the right to live and work in the UK.

Ahmed Osmani, a 51 year old refugee from Egypt, is one of the beneficiaries of Breadwinners. Having worked in import and export of fruit for over 20 years when he was still living in Egypt, Ahmed is now grateful for the opportunity he gets thanks to Breadwinners to build up his work experience at the market stalls in London…

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It’s great to earn money but most importantly the people and the atmosphere at the Market is great!
— Mohamad, Ex Breadwinner at Victoria Park. current chef
Ghazal working at the Breadwinners stall.

Ghazal working at the Breadwinners stall.

Asylum seeking and conscious eating

Charities, such as Breadwinners are hoping to make the road to employment less of a challenge by training those seeking asylum and employing those who already have refugee status.

“We are really small, very grassroots charity,” says Martin Cosarinsky Campos, the director of Breadwinners“. We have four markets, we support six people, actually we support 13 people in total, six people with employment, refugees that have status, we can employ them, and then we support seven young people that are claiming asylum in the UK. Basically what we do is give them the first opportunity of work or work experience in the UK.”

Ghazal is one of those refugees. Hailing from Syria, Ghazal was living in Aleppo and considering studying for a master’s degree, but the war in her city prevented that goal from being realised. She left for Damascus to join her family, but again, the war prevented her from staying.

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Safe but not free: How the UK has capped the dignity of people seeking asylum

Despite Article 22 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights holding the right to dignity to be indispensable, this is not a reality for thousands of people seeking asylum in the UK. Imagine having to flee your home, and, upon finding sanctuary, you are forced by law to put your life on hold for years while bureaucratic structures decide your fate. Your confidence diminishes and your skills deteriorate while you remain dependent on small handouts provided by the same system that has limited you in the first place. You want to work and provide for yourself and your family, to live a dignified life, but you are told to just wait.

At its core, Breadwinners supports refugees to build the foundations for a career by developing their skills, confidence and language abilities. A key pillar in the Breadwinners’ mission is to support greater ease in integration for people upon being granted refugee status in the UK…

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I tried to find job but they refused me. Breadwinners accepted me and supported me. I learn from breadwinners how I can start my business again. I left breadwinner now to do my business but I am breadwinner in my heart.
— Ahmed Osman, Ex Breadwinner at Primrose Hill. current entrepreneur